Our Valued Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

  • Gerald Johnson Jr., CEO

    Gerald Johnson Jr., CEO

    And Jabaz prayed, “Lord increase my territory…” and God answered prayer. So it is with Gerald “Doc” Johnson, exactly twenty (20) years from the inauguration of The House of Johnson Funeral Home – Detroit Chapel, Gerald Johnson has realized the increase that God promised through the opening of The House of Johnson Funeral Home – Jackson Chapel. This chapel has operated in Jackson, Michigan for seven years now.

    Gerald’s dream to own and operate his own business was first conceived after the death of his grandparents. He attended Syracuse University (New York) where he studied architecture. Little did he know that God was preparing his skills for restructuring and rebuilding those ravished by sickness and violent death. Gerald left Syracuse University to enroll in Wayne State University’s Mortuary Science Program. He graduated in 1980 from WSU with honors as one of the top in his class. After successfully completing all of the state of Michigan’s requirements, Gerald was licensed as a funeral director and embalmer. He currently holds licenses in other states as well.

    Gerald worked several years with Stinson Funeral Home (Detroit) as the manager of the embalming operation where he continued to master his skills and God given talent. Gerald’s talent and giftedness placed him in great demand. It was at this point (1983) that Gerald launched his own service embalming business. He provided service to various funeral homes in the metropolitan area. Gerald has become known as being able to show families loved ones that other funeral homes would not even attempt to show. His motto,” if he has the snap of a finger to work with, the casket will be open.”

    God has anointed Gerald and he gives him all the glory for his talents and gifts. Gerald provides a unique perspective in the funeral industry and is respected by his peers, the community and the hundreds of families that he has served as a man of ethics, sound business practices and integrity. As a result of his extreme talents, he has often been called upon to provide services to families across the country.

    The future will bring new developments and services for the families that The House of Johnson Home serves. Currently, Gerald’s oldest son, Dominique is in training and works side by side with his father in the business.

  • Dominique  Johnson

    Dominique Johnson, Operations Management

    Dominique Johnson is a graduate from Wayne State University Mortuary Science Program class of 2021.

    Dominique is currently the operations administrator at The House of Johnson Funeral Home, under the tutelage of his father, Gerald Johnson, Jr, also a Wayne State Mortuary Science Graduate. Dominique is an active member in his community. He is a student member of the National Funeral Directors Association, the Michigan Funeral Directors Association, the Michigan Funeral Directors Relay (Recently Licensed and Young Funeral Professionals),the National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association and serves as Vice-President of the New Generation of Funeral Services Practitioners and President of Wayne State University Mortuary Science Program class of 2021.

    Dominique feels it is rewarding working in the funeral industry. The countless lives that you touch and provide healing too. The joy of helping families bring closure at a time when they are most vulnerable means the world to him.

    When away from the funeral industry, Dominique spends time with his wife and three kids and enjoys camping and cruising.

  • Wade  Wheeler

    Wade Wheeler, Administrative Assistant - Detroit Chapel

    Wade Wheeler is married and father of 7 beautiful children and also has a associates degree in computer science. At The House of Johnson Funeral Home, Wade handles all the paperwork and making sure all families request are met. When not serving families, Wade enjoys photography, traveling, and exotic cars.

  • Sherrie  Campbell

    Sherrie Campbell, Adminstrative Assistant - Jackson Chapel

    Sherrie Campbell serves as a funeral attendant at the Jackson location. Sherrie assists with funeral arrangements and funeral services. Sherrie has been with The House of Johnson Funeral Home for 3 years and has several years in customer service.

    Sherrie is a dog lover, great cook, likes playing cards and truly loves interacting and comforting patrons on her job. When you enter The House of Johnson Funeral Home, Sherrie will always greet you with a smile and ready to assist when called upon. Sherrie is also a member at Second Missionary Baptist Church in Jackson, Michigan.

  • D'Artagnan Benford

    D'Artagnan Benford, Elite Guard Pallbearer

  • John  Smith

    John Smith, Elite Guard Pallbearer

  • Christopher  McLean

    Christopher McLean, Elite Guard Pallbearer

  • Christopher  Penn

    Christopher Penn, Elite Guard Pallbearer

  • James  Thomas

    James Thomas, Elite Guard Pallbearer

    James E. Thomas, Jr. is a Detroit native born January 18, 1989. He was born into a family with a very unique history in the craft of railroading. Following the path of his father, uncles and grandfathers, James continues to follow the tradition and has for almost a decade. James also has a great passion for music. Since age 9, James has played at least one instrument, won multiple state marching band championships, and has become a staple music producer in the local Detroit Hip Hop scene as "Somesetjay". Besides railroading and music, James also has a great passion for his family including his son, step-son, and fiance.

  • Cedric  Wheeler

    Cedric Wheeler, Elite Guard Pallbearer

  • George  Ferguson

    George Ferguson, Elite Guard Pallbearer

    George is a married father of 2 and is also certified personal trainer and youth group director. George joined The House of Johnson Funeral Home in 2015 and has been a great asset to the company. While not working, George enjoys fishing, concerts, bowling, rebuilding classic cars, and loves reading the word of God.

  • Jason  Seay

    Jason Seay, Elite Guard Pallbearer

  • Gerald  McLean

    Gerald McLean, Elite Guard Pallbearer

    Gerald L. McLean is a hardworking staff member. He also is a local musician, serving in the capacity of minister of music as well as staff minister at Breakers Covenant Church International. Gerald also serves in local social justice reform. Gerald is a husband of 19 years, as well as a father and grandfather. His passion when he's not working is participating in the local Bike Life scene, serving as the President of the Detroit Saints Bike Club.

  • Nathan  Campbell

    Nathan Campbell, Elite Guard Pallbearer

  • Andrew  Griffin

    Andrew Griffin, Chapel Organist

    Andrew Griffin is the chapel musician at The House of Johnson Funeral Home. Andrew has been minister of music at The New Testament MBC for over 10 years. He is a husband to Laroya Griffin and father of 4 beautiful girls. Andrew has been a director with LegalShield for over 12 years. Andrew believes in empowering others through faith, family and health.

  • Amelia Someah-Kwaw

    Amelia Someah-Kwaw, Chapel Singer